Bamboo Watches

Like many recent bamboo product innovations, bamboo watches have exploded in popularity in the last five to ten years. Particularly among environmentally conscious, younger, hipper consumers who realize that wearing a sustainable product is cool, and prefer the minimal and natural styling of wood, and particularly bamboo watches. In addition, many people get skin reaction to metal or leather, and wooden watches provide an extremely stylish alternative to metallic watches. In addition to style, bamboo watches make an important environmental statement from anyone wearing it: bamboo regenerates incredibly quickly, requires no toxins, chemicals, or pesticides to grow or cultivate.

In addition to style, environmental, and health concerns, buying a bamboo watch is must more cost-effective than most other materials. An extremely high quality bamboo watch can be had for less than $100 quite easily. Another reason for bamboo as the material from which you should choose the watch you buy is that it is extremely lightweight compared particularly to metal watches. If you are on the go, then you don’t want to be burdened by a heavy watch, and with a lightweight bamboo watch you are not burdened at all.

Of course, an obvious advantage of bamboo over leather for watch bands is its durability. Even after repeated exposure to water, sun, ocean, etc, bamboo will remain strong and undamaged. Imagine how a leather watchband would respond after such torture! Not only can it withstand these elements, but it is extremely strong, so can withstand getting banged around if you are an adventurer.

We mentioned above how great bamboo is because of the lack of toxins and chemicals in the cultivation of bamboo and in the manufacturing process by which bamboo is transformed into bamboo products, including watches. This lack of toxins in the manufacture of bamboo leads to an increased health benefit to those wearing the products. This means that allergies induced by the toxins used in plant production are not an issue for those with bamboo watches. All of this hypoallergenic benefit is a natural byproduct of the bamboo plant, and is completely natural and earth-friendly. The reason bamboo has such great properties is that it is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Wearing a bamboo watch then provides many protections against bacteria and fungi to the bamboo watch wearer. This is a fantastic benefit.

One final benefit to wearing a bamboo watch, and buying bamboo products in general is that it helps support the local communities where bamboo is grown and harvested. Since it can be grown and harvested in many developing nations, and does not require a huge industrial operation to cultivate, the economic benefits of bamboo can flow directly to the individual people there instead of to large corporations exploiting the local people and environment.

Some of the leading bamboo watch makers are Cucol watches. One of their top models is pictured below:
Another top manufacturer is One of their most popular models is the following:

So, as you can see from all of the above reasons, owning a bamboo watch is a great choice. It benefits the environment, it benefits your health, it benefits your style, and it helps people around the world who can make a sustainable living from growing and harvesting bamboo.