Bamboo Mattress

The memory foam mattress reviews on The Sweet Home were really helpful in compiling this. Also, for less commercial uses of bamboo, you should check out the following societies:

Bamboo Sunglasses

Why this picture? Because it’s awesome. Also, if this guy had been wearing bamboo sunglasses instead of the ones he has on, the birds probably would have let him have his ice cream.

Bamboo mattresses are made from memory foam and then covered with a hypoallergenic bamboo cover.  The memory foam helps to spread your weight more evenly across the mattress so that you don’t have pressure points that develop during the night.  These pressure points are one of the major causes of back and neck pain the next day and over time sleeping with these pressure points leads to chronic neck and back pain.  In addition to the bamboo cover, the best bamboo mattress brands use plant-based memory foam products rather than chemical or synthetic memory foam.  This makes sure that you are not sleeping on a toxic or allergy-inducing mattress all night, every night.  (And, let’s face it, your mattress is going to be with you for 20 years, so sleeping in toxins every night for that length of time will have serious health consequences for your entire life.)

Also, if you’ve been reading the rest of this website then you know that bamboo does not require pesticides, chemicals, or toxins to grow, harvest, or turn into awesome bamboo-based products.  Part of the reason that is possible is that bamboo is naturally resistant to all sorts of insects.  Including the insects that love to invest your pillows and mattress like bed bugs and dust mites.  Look at this page from Katy Wholesale Mattress where they break down how awesome bamboo mattresses are at protecting you from all sorts of nasty critters.  I’m all for the environment, but really I have no interest in sleeping with insects that want to suck my blood.  Really, not for me.  Or you.  Or your family.

Bamboo Mattress 1One of the leading manufacturers of bamboo memory foam mattresses is Brentwood.  They make a whole range of bamboo memory foam mattresses with varying amounts of memory foam.  I thin it goes from the Gel 7 all the way up to the Gel 13 inch.  Of course, you can also get them in king, queen, full, etc.  At the left I also put one of their images which shoes the cross-section of the bamboo mattress.  I think these guys are a quality operation and you can definitely not go wrong with one of their mattresses.  I think they are a little pricey though.  When I checked on AmazonBamboo Memory Foam Mattress the Gel 13 was $549.  Weirdly, on their website the Gel 13 is listed at $350.  I’m not sure why there is such a big price difference, or maybe it was not actually quite the same product?  It’s not like an internet user can’t just search around for the best price.  Or maybe people are willing to pay a premium to order from Amazon since they trust the return policy?  I’m not sure what the deal is.  If any of our readers know please let us know.


Another of the leading bamboo manufacturers is Lucid.  Here are some pictures of their bamboo mattresses:

Lucid MattressMemory foam mattress

Lucid Bamboo Mattress

This is another company that makes very high quality bamboo mattresses.  I wish there were a way to get cheaper bamboo mattresses, but it seems like they are viewed as a luxury item.  If you wanted to get a bamboo mattress, and bamboo sheets, and bamboo pillows with bamboo covers, you’d probably have to spend well over $1000 in total.  That’s not even if you go with super luxury sheets like the ones from Cariloha (which are awesome if you have $200 to spare).

I think that’s all that I have to say on bamboo mattresses at the moment.  Maybe I’ll add some additional information at a future date.  Of course, I should still really create whole pages devoted to bamboo mattress toppers, bamboo duvet covers, bamboo sheets, bamboo pillows… the list goes on and on.  And all of that is still in the area of bamboo bedding.  Bamboo sunglasses, bamboo longboards, and bikes all really deserve pages devoted to their awesomeness as well.  Hopefully I’ll keep updating the site with new products and applications as time goes on.